Women wearing braids are looking very gentle and slightly more charming than usual. Luckily, there are many braids hairstyles so, you can’t easy get bored with it. From ponytail braid, to mermaid braid, even at you wedding day. Pretty much all kind of styles. Easy to make and easier to carry. Some even do braid on wet hair so they get wavy hairstyle after one or two hours.

If you really like how braids look on women, follow our suggestion on types you should definitely try.

Mermaid Tail Braid


Three Braids Hair-Do

It is very easy to make and super cool to wear. Make two braids and put them in one. It will look thick, it is definitely stealing attention and you will look casual but everyone will see you tried about it. We love this one.


We have even more braids than two combined together. It looks great and it definitely confuses people how you made it. They will even admire you. It is actually super easy. Just follow the steps.

Twist Headband And Braid


This one you can even wear on your wedding day. We think is very elegant but you still stick to your simplicity. Easy to make as well. You will look amazing, no doubt.

French Braid Bun Hair Tutorial


The most admirable hairstyle so far. It looks like it takes hours to prepare. Of course, you might need a helping hand in this one, but really anyone can do it. Ready for a night out?

Braided Bun – Hair Style For A Special Event Or Holiday


Since we already suggested one for your own wedding day, we gonna say this one is for your best friend’s special day. You wanna look special as well, right? Jack pot for you. And yes, you can make it all by yourself.

Modified French Braid


Casual day, casual you. You literally need 5 minutes to make this one happens. So, if you are late for that girl’s brunch, we would go with this one really fast.

Braided Bun Hair Tutorial


We’ve suggested something similar but still different. You can spot the difference. And we rally like that thin braid going around the bun.

Half Crown Braid


Yes, you will sure feel like a queen and you will feel very sexy but charming at the same time. We really like this hairstyle because you can really wear it anywhere you go.

Cute Bun With Wrap Around Braid


This is a summer/spring hairstyle. It will look really good on a backless dress or whatever dress you want. It opens up your face and it look really sweet and cute.

Half-Up Side French Braid



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