Again with some party DIY decoration. Doing stuff like this can really make our day. We did something sweet, cheap and all by ourselves. The drink stirrers will surely grab the attention of your guests and they are going to enjoy their drinks. Making the stirrers is really easy. Just get the needed materials, spend some time on the project and in no time, you are going to have tens of lovely drink decorations. Check out the ten we chose and find your favorite!

1. Marshmallow


Mmm, such a yummy drink stirrers! With this in the drinks, make sure you have prepared more of them, because hey, often do you see a drink that has marshmallow stirrer in it? To make these, you need jumbo marshmallows,food coloring, bamboo skewers, plastic cups needed for the dyeing and knife. The rest is really simple. Prepare the food coloring, cut the marshmallows and dye them. Let them dry for some time and slide them down the skewer.

2. Monster


Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you mustn’t experiment a bit with the decoration. You only need creepy gummy candy and wooden skewers. But, if the creepy candy is not your thing, you can still take the inspiration ofgummy candy with you and instead of creepy, buy something more cute to you. Slide down the candy down the skewer and put it in the glass.

3. Animals


Cute animals as a decoration, if that’s your thing, check out the project. You need pack of plastic toy animals, clear cocktail sticks, gold spray paint (or any color of your choice), drill, drill bits, hot glue gun and glue sticks. Spray the plastic animals with the paint and let them dry. After that, make a hole with drill bit somewhere in the belly. Apply glue on the stick and place it inside the plastic animal.

4. Shamrock


St. Patrick isn’t near, but since shamrocks are believed to bring luck, why not bring some for the party as well? Buyair dry clay and with the help of a shamrock cookie cutter, cut out the shape and leave the clay to dry according to its given instructions. Once it’s all dried, use paint brush and apply glue on the side of the clay shamrock. Once you’re done with that, dip it in glitter and once again apply glue to prevent the glitter to fall down in the drinks. Slide the glittery shamrock down the wooden skewer and you’re done.

5. Fancy


For these fancy stirrers, what you need is glue gun, scissors, fabric stiffner, bowl or tupperware, lace doilies,parchment paper, stirrer sticks and beads. Place the doily in a bowl and cover with fabric stiffner. Place on parchment paper to dry and after that you can cut the doily in the shape you want. Also, cut a slit trough for a better umbrella shape and then glue the slit. Glue the skewers and the embellishment on top.

6. Hearts


If you want to surprise a beloved one, doing a little nice thing won’t hurt. The heart stirrers are really cute and you can use them no matter if it is a party, a gathering with the friends, whatever the reason is. In order to make them, you need acrylic paint, round wooden beads, wooden hearts, glue gun, paint brush and skewers. Just follow carefully the instructions and you are going to have these lovely stirrers in no time.

7. Ribbons


For this lovely project you just need ribbon, wooden skewers and a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the skewers in half and also cut a length of ribbon, approximately 8 to 9 inches. Then, fold the ribbon in order to make a knot around the skewer. Pull the tails, make the knot tight and notch the ends for extra – polished look. So, aren’t they so cute? They will look so good on lemonade!

8. Watermelon


For this, we can only say: cuteness overload! Summer drinks will never be the same with stirrers like these. All the colors look so good and bold, they make DIY’s so fun! To make these cute little paper watermelons, you need A4 cards in pink, dark green and light green and tissue paper in the same colors, black sharpie, BBQ skewers, all purpose glue ans scissors. Check out the link below and follow the given instructions.

9. Wooden Bead


One of the easiest and most creative stirrers on the list. With the help of a small paint brush, paint the wooden beads in any color and pattern you like. Polka dots, stripes, one colored, rainbow, monochrome, it’s all up to you to decide on how to decorate the beads. Once you’re done and they are all well dried, place the beads with glue on the skewers and you’re ready so serve.

10. Custom Flag


If beads, hearts or candy is not your thing, try out the customized flag stirrers! They are cute, simple and can be used not only in drinks, but in muffins or other food as well. To make them, you need wooden drink stirrers,cardstock, white gel pen, glue gun and glue and scissors. On these flags is written “cheers”, but you can write whatever you want and in any color you want. Be creative and have fun!



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