Now be honest and admit how many pairs of old boring jeans do you own? The answer is probably greater than 2. And it’s not a big deal cause jeans are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe so it is quite normal to own lots of them. But the question is why it is so hard for us to part with our old pair of jeans when we haven’t worn them in months? Well, they were probably our favorite piece of clothes for so long we just can’t decide to throw them away. So we thought – why not try to find a way to re-vamp those old jeans and make them cool again? Luckily enough, distressed, ripped or patterned jeans are totally cool right now. The tutorials we are sharing today will inspire you to give a new life to your old jeans. Take a look.

Lace Bonanza Jeans


Wow – we simply love this idea! Spice up your old pair of jeans by using this lace trick. You will need a pair of white jeans, fabric markers, lace and a cardboard. The result is stunning. This is definitely a cool 0.

Gold Painted Jeans


Take a look at this gold painted denim pants! Can you believe you can make them on your own? It is quite a simple task. The trick is in using doilies and gold fabric paint. You will give a new life to an old pair of jeans and make them fashionable again.

Pom Pom Jeans


Own an old pair of Levis that are so vintage that you desperately need to either throw away or do something to make them look cool again. We suggest the second option and we have an idea how to do it. Just find a Pom Pom trim in your favorite color, get scissors, thread and needle and start sewing.

Punk Inspired Ripped Jeans


If you like punk fashion you will love this idea. Turn old skinny jeans into a punky fashion piece by ripping them and writing cool stuff all over them using a permanent marker. You can write your favorite quotes, lyrics or even let your friends write something. Whatever you choose, you will have a cool pair of jeans that are even better than new.

Bleached Patterned Jeans


Here is a video that will show you how to transform an old pair of jeans into a new fabulous pair. The pattern is really cool and will revive your old jeans. Animal print is fun and fierce and never goes out of fashion. You won’t have to spend a fortune on a cool new pair of jeans!

Studded Wax Denim


Want to spice up your old wax denim jeans? We got the right project for you. Buy some studs and turn them into rock inspired studded jeans. Just arrange your design, pierce the studs through and press down the prongs. Voila!

Distressed Bright Jeans


Grab your old worn out jeans, some sandpaper, a x-acto knife and a fabric marker. Choose some bold color like pink for example. Now sand it, scrap it and stain it! Simple, yet effective. You will get a perfect spring ready pair of jeans to rock. Cool right?

Heart print jeans


If you have a pair of skinny ankle cut jeans that are ready to retire don’t give up on them just yet – give them a new life instead! Get a fabric removable pencil, a piece of thin cardboard to use as a stencil, white (or whatever color you wish) fabric paint, ruler and a cosmetic sponge. Mark your jeans and then using the stencil apply color with the sponge.

From straight to skinny


Once upon a time straight jeans were totally in, but then skinny jeans came along. We guess you have an old pair of straight jeans that you stopped wearing so why not turn them into skinny? The tutorial we are sharing will show you exactly how to do it.

Ostrich Feather Trim Jeans


Re-vamp your old, lonely, forgotten jeans by customizing them with an ostrich feather trim. The trim is really inexpensive and the effect is simply fabulous. You will need around 1 meter of feather trim, scissors, pins, needle and thread. The tutorial is very detailed and simple to follow so go ahead and make yourself a cool (almost) new pair of jeans.



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