Reema Al Banna, young designer and owner of the UAE-based award winning fashion line Reemami presents an awesome Resort 2016 collection. The brand explores the iconography of food and its role and visibility across social media. The series of surreal instafood-inspired hand-drawn/ illustrated prints and graphics look really impressive and fun. Personally, I was shocked by the beauty of designer’s new cuts, new volumes and patterns. She managed to create bold, playful and eclectic creations that are both unique and modern looking.


Do you take a picture of your plate of food and post it on Instagram, before you’ve even had a chance to taste what’s on it? Are your pictures on Instagram often suggestive of a moment that you haven’t even had the chance to experience yet? Is what you post on social media sometimes better than the real moment?


I am so in love with an asymmetry of this outfit. The burgundy jumpsuit with wide pants looks outstanding.


The printed collarless tailored jacket will for sure make you center of everyone’s attention.


I am so in love with this pinafore fit-and-flare dress. Looks perfect and creative.


Pale yellow shirt-dress has that special ladylike retro touch that makes it look fabulous.


Burgundy long-sleeve fit-and-flare dress comes with fun and creative prints, including bananas and omelet.

It’s no secret that food has seamlessly become part of our daily lives, aesthetically and socially. REEMAMI blends relatable symbols into the season’s vision, with the topical referencing of ordinary yet coveted items: from coffee cups and plates to chopped onions and fried eggs. As I have already mentioned, designer offers signature architectural cuts, simple geometric shapes, bold A-line and asymmetric silhouettes with occasional cutaways. Bold shaped come together in a perfect combination of modern easy to wear fabrics. The fabrics include high quality crepe, crushed satin, suede and linen. Color palette includes warm tones of grey, cyan, orange, red, navy, maroon and yellow. My personal favorites from Pre-Spring collection are modern looking jackets, statement jumpsuits and ankle skimming dresses. All these creations are made for cosmopolitan woman, who is self-confident person with ambitions and personal style. Every single piece provides a fresh versatile look and easygoing touches.


This frontally cropped short-sleeve robe-dress comes with a fun looking omelet print.


I felt in love with this outfit. It comes with a cropped sleeveless top teamed with high-waisted A-line skirt in various portion of food.


How many likes for this asymmetric cut sleeveless robe-dress?


Can’t say why, but I see a kind of kimono inspired touch in this sophisticated looking outfit.


We see dark navy short-sleeve shirt tucked in high-waisted midi skirt in cups print.


How about making some fun on Fridays? Go for thus printed dark navy suit jacket styled with cream blush skirt.


Potatoes and tomatoes. Another fun looking outfit is here. We see a sleeveless jumpsuit with shortened pants.






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